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Answers found in this page is with the intention to educate those individuals in search for solutions.

We are a team of experts working independently to support customer’s information systems.

We work directly with the customer. Depending on the customer’s needs, we typically assign one of our professionals to manage your inquiries and all technical support questions.

The cost of projects can vary. Our prices are strictly based on the budget that the customer has available.

Cloud computing is the use of space and services in big large data centers. Their existence have facilitated how information is transmitted, stored, and disseminated. The flexibility to stay mobile and productive at any time of the day.

Yes. Your content is primarily secured by the same service provider that offers SaaS (Software as Service), PaaS (Platform as Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as Service).

Utilizing your on-premises equipment is no problem. The main idea behind hybrid concepts is to collaborate and share information whether you are working at home, or from your office.

With the raising cost to keep local network infrastructures running, there is  also specific IT maintenance costs involved. Many times is simply better to have big corporations host your services which includes the liability of your data and be able to recover from possible local network failures.

For the most part, the existing technology equipment will work. This is true as long as you have the right internet bandwidth and also the right technology architecture in place.

You can reach us via email or one of our representatives will gladly assist you via a phone call.

We do offer consulting services. Typically to corporate entities that have a desire for upgrade of services, technology, project development integration, network architecture design, and equipment deployments.